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Thursday, January 07, 2010

« What can you see there? In the blankness of the white paper?
I see a form which revives. »
(Fabienne Verdier, Passagère du silence)

What can we imagine in the blankness of space or material? I can see forms which revive.
In our environment we capture so many thrilling creatures which are living, moving which are full of soul and which I am very concerned.
In a little time, the essence of these phenomena appears and vivify in the blankness of the material I form.
As we watch, observe these phenomena of Nature, we can find plenty of marvelous nuances which are especially revealed by transparency and illumination.
And the glass and its play of light emphasize all these fragments.
At the end I would like to propose a thin thread of thought with each of my pieces.
We receive such threads all the time and as we collect them in rope we connect ourselves together.

I use the technique of kiln casting, which gives large freedom in the realization of my objects. I love colors but I like to keep them simple, in one unit: one object- one color.

I was born in 1977 in Budapest, Hungary.
I was 12 years old when I started to study visual art, and 2 years later I have done the first steps in the field of glass. I have attended the University of Art and Design in Budapest, afterwards I have done an academic year in the Academy of Venice, Italy. Then I accomplished a Master of Design degree of Glass in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Since then I live in Belgium, working in my own workshop. During the last years I had exhibitions in several places: in Hungary, Italy, Scotland, Germany and Belgium.


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